Butterlies Wanted Alive

The Swordgrass Brown Butterfly is an Australian Butterfly that is found along the Eastern Australian Coast (here)

It is also found in Western Gippsland but it’s thought numbers are decreasing.

As most of us know, Butterflies are firstly caterpillars and they need to eat a plant to survive and grow. The Swordgrass Brown caterpillar eats Redfruit Saw Sedge.

Redfruit Saw-sedge likes boggy poorly drained land and in West Gippsland, Redfruit Saw-sedge is mostly found on public land or road sides. Private land owners tend to drain boggy areas and so with less food plant for the Swordgrass Brown caterpillars , there are fewer Swordgrass Brown Butterflies.

But fear not, if you live in the west Gippsland region you can be provided some Redfruit Saw-sedge  FREE. A local app developer has donated his money to help ensure the survival of this beautiful butterfly.

Contact Malcolm at seawish@aapt.net.au to get more information for your free Redfruit Saw Sedge.


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.57.37 pm

The Sword-grass Brown Butterfly Project is sponsored by  birdquicklist.com

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